I have been programming for donkeys years now. I was intrigued when Apple originally announced a new programming language. I downloaded the Swift Programming Language Guide as an ebook and was immediately impressed with the language. There was a lot to like about the langauge. But, it wasn't of much interest at that time because I (rightly for the time) thought, it's not going to be much use to me because "I don't do desktop/app development and why would I get tied to a propreitary langauge in 20xx?". Now (2017) things have changed quite a bit.

Why I would like to learn, program in Swift and enthused enough to write this journal:

My primary interest in Swift in building web services, command line applications etc., I'm curious to see how this plays out.

[^cross]: Though Apple only makes packages available for latest versions of Ubuntu along with MacOS (of course). [^llvm]: which has emerged as a very popular alternative to GNU, especially with Apple and various BSD Unix. [^xcode]: You don't have to use XCode! [^server]: See Swift.org - Server APIs Project [^ibm]: I was taken aback by the amount of support IBM is pouring into Swift. This is not unprecedented. IBM also invested heavily into Java. [^mac]: I'm writing this post on a Mac, and I use Macs everyday. But, I want to deploy stuff on to Linux, not Macs.